María Fernanda Cabal slams Petro’s multilateral ceasefire announcement: ‘You’re schizophrenic’

The proposal to abolish the carrying of guns did not please some of the country's political sectors.  Photos: Colprensa
The proposal to abolish the carrying of guns did not please some of the country’s political sectors. Photos: Colprensa

president Gustav Petro announced the possibility of implementing a multilateral ceasefire with the various armed groups in order to be able to move forward in the so-called “total peace”. The head of state indicated that in the coming days progress could be seen to conclude a ceasefire and thus agree dialogues that would lead to the end of the conflict in the country that has been going on for more than 60 years, the fall of THE N. In light of this announcement, the senator and opposition leader said, Maria Fernanda Cabal, He was against it, affirming that “they are schizophrenic”.

“In a few days, a public issue will be raised: the possibility of a multilateral ceasefire, which would be the beginning of the end of the violence, with all those who cling to this possibility (…) IIt will involve all those who want a negotiation process with the judiciary in Colombia to dismantle criminal organizations. We propose a cessation of hostilities, death and fire. Since there are a large number of organizations, it is called a multilateral ceasefire.” Gustavo Petro said during his visit to the United States.

In addition, the Colombian head of state stated that during the ceasefire it is to be expected that The army will work to reach the areas it could not reach before because the organizations control the area.” However, this option contradicts the statements of the defense secretary, who called the idea of ​​a ceasefire in the case of peace negotiations that have not yet been agreed on as absurd and reiterated that few approaches have been made with certain armed groups.

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After the President’s announcement, Senator María Fernanda Cabal explained on her social networks that you are schizophrenic; now they intend to disarm the law enforcement agencies to achieve a multilateral stance. Who then guarantees the safety, life, property and honor of the citizens?. It is important to note that the congresswoman has made her political position clear on so-called “total peace” as she believes it could lead to impunity.

A few days ago, President Gustavo Petro responded to those who criticize the actions and possible dialogues with armed groups and explained this Peace will always be criticized. At no time in Colombia’s history that I have had the privilege of being a part of have I heard that the peace is not criticized. What needs to be criticized the most is the war. If we can get everyone in Colombia to leave the path of arms, we will build a great nation.”

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In response to this assessment, the senator replied to the head of state, noting that Lack of authority and impunity are criticized that he promises as many criminals as he proposes; Or will these 22 terrorist gangs pay for their crimes in prison?

Every day new scenarios and comments emerge from the government and opposition, further widening the gulf between the two political currents. The head of state recently pointed out that a prosecutor had deceived Iván Márquez and Jesús Santrich, who were chief negotiators on the Havana Accords. Congresswoman Cabal responded to these comments, saying, “So what are we going to say? Poor victims Santrich and Marquez? He should understand that he is President and not defending these terrorists.”


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