Luisana Lopilato shared an unreleased video of her beginnings

Luisana Lopilato shared two videos of her beginnings in acting (Instagram)

As she enjoys the early days of her fourth daughter, Treasureand prepares to return to the stage with the long-awaited theatrical version of Married with children, Louisana Lopilato He opened his archive to challenge the nostalgic. The actress lives in Vancouver, where she created a beautiful family with her husband, the singer Michael BubbleShe started her media journey when she was very young and wanted to share some of those postcards with her more than six million followers. And like every time an artist switches to retro mode, a special code is generated, which fans are filled with joy and emotions.

Luisana has uploaded a series of photos and videos to her Instagram in which she reflects deeply on what she calls “my best memories“. Opening the post with a picture with her mother, Beatriz, she began by looking back at her journey as an actress, going back to “when my mother was looking for me at school to run to an audition orWhen I stayed for a commercial they recognized me on the street and I couldn’t believe it“, uncovered.

The memories of Luisana Lopilato (instagram)
The memories of Luisana Lopilato (instagram)

Far from feeling shy or embarrassed, this girl knew right away that she was going to be. “From that day on, there was something I liked that I felt like I wanted more of,” he said, telling how it changed forever. “I feel like my life took a complete turn when Cris Morena chose me at the age of 10 and I will always be grateful to her!”he wrote, referring to his work in Chiquititas Y rebellious way with the producer.

The actress stressed that the road was not easy and therefore allowed herself to leave her followers with advice. “I’m aware every day how lucky I’ve been and still am to work on what I love so much because I always knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Because of this, I keep studying and preparing to have more tools for each role. and it’s something I want to teach my kids to prepare them to get what they want.” And he concluded with some very special words for his followers: “¡And everything got better with the love and appreciation from you! You are the ones who opened the doors of your homes to me and accepted me. THANKS”,

Luisana Lopilato with her mother Beatriz
Luisana Lopilato with her mother Beatriz

In the post, Luisana added two videos from those years. In one she looks very small, in an advertisement for powdered juices, a field she started in when she was five years old. In another dance and song “Piel Morena” by Thalía. And the Mexican artist herself joined the thousands of reactions that hearts contributed. In addition, in his stories he has put together a series of images for a short retrospective of his most outstanding works. That Luisana from the small; the mine from rebellious way; the Allegra from pirate soul and the latest Manuela “Pipa” Pelari of the trilogy of police films that have her as a protagonist.

But as I said, Luisana doesn’t stay in the past and looks ahead. And a few days ago he scheduled the first rehearsals for the performances Married with children at the Great Rex.” Yesterday the whole cast read the script for the first time and here I leave you a nice summary. As always, very serious‘ the actress wrote in a tongue-in-cheek tone William Francella, Florence Pena, Marcelo DeBellishis brother darius and the new protagonist, Jorgelina Aruzzi, who will enter Erica Rivas.


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