'LeBron just killed the Lakers' - NBA analyst says LeBron James is almost as damaging as Russel Westbrook to the Los Angeles Lakers

‘LeBron just killed the Lakers’ – NBA analyst says LeBron James is almost as damaging as Russel Westbrook to the Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James is coming off of one of the best scoring seasons of his career. It’s in the year 19 before the year 20. However, the Los Angeles Lakers had little to no real success last year. Much of the blame has been placed on new Lakers guard Russell Westbrook. The sports world tore him apart for his poor play and turnovers, mocking him all season.

Skip Bayless is a longtime NBA analyst who has always tried to speak negatively about king james. Whether in the success or failure of LeBron. Skip has always claimed to be an objective and unbiased commentator against the 4x NBA champion despite overwhelming evidence suggesting otherwise. One has to wonder how much truth there is in what he’s saying this time.

Skip Bayless claims LeBron James killed the Lakers with his three-point shot

Ever since Steph Curry entered the league, the three-point shot has been considered an easier shot and a smart move. After all, it takes little effort and effort for the body to perform repeated long-range shots. king james entered the NBA two decades ago. He has adapted three-point shooting into his arsenal over the course of his career.

Many NBA fans have a habit of watching only the highlights rather than the full game. It’s probably because of the time it takes to watch a full match, from the warning to the final buzzer. Therefore, they are unlikely to take into consideration how often NBA stars miss shots.

Bayless accuses LeBron of this. Along with several other things. In addition, he uses statistics to defend himself. Everyone knows that James is a better finisher at the rim than from distance. He worked his three-point shot to counter a relaxed defense.

Unfortunately, it seems that the taller the player, the less he shoots the ball. We can confirm that this trend is true as point guards like Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving average much better free throw and three-point percentages. So, even though LeBron shoots a lot from the three-pointer, stats indicate that he misses frequently.

Ignore the displayed statistics that show king james is ranked 15th among players who have attempted the most three-point shots. However, it is ranked 93rd when it comes to brands. So Bayless claims that LeBron James killed the Lakers just as much as Russell Westbrook.

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