In a renewed tension between Bullrich and Larreta, the PRO meets today

The PRO speakers meet this Tuesday (Roberto Almeida)
The PRO speakers meet this Tuesday (Roberto Almeida)

The Buenos Aires government’s crackdown on the Kirchnerist militants who have come to support Cristina Kirchner in recent days added a new chapter Intern from Together for change. Amidst the criticism Patricia Bullrich a Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and the allegations crossed paths “functional for Kirchnerism”the PRO speakers will be holding a luncheon this Tuesday to try to iron out rough edges and bring positions closer together.

The former security minister and the city’s head of government will face each other this afternoon. Will be too Maurizio Macriwho has not intervened in the conflict for the time being.

Bullrich had targeted Larreta last Sunday, accusing him of showing a sign of “weakness” by pulling up the fences after the confrontation between security forces and Kirchner militancy.

In dialogue with All Messages (TN)pointed out that Cristina Kirchner and La Cámpora “They measured capacity and character, and when they measure you, you must act with character and capacity.”

However, he clarified that he is not arguing with Larreta, but that his goal is “to convey to society that I want to represent a Together for Change that is not guided or manipulated by Kirchnerist arrogance and is capable of persuasion to show and understand that we cannot give away disorder and lawlessness”.

This Monday, the PRO President chose not to add fuel to the fire and remained silent to those in the Buenos Aires government, who accused her of being “functional” with her statements for the Frente de Todos. Macri’s former official analyzed the situation with her inner circle, but the final decision was not to escalate the tone of the argument with the city’s mayor.

Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich (Franco Fafasuli)
Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich (Franco Fafasuli)

Versions have been circulating in the last few hours that a sector of Larretismo Bullrichs is calling for the resignation of the PRO presidency, accusing her of “promoting her personal political project”. However, from around Larreta, they flatly denied the transcended prior to the consultation of Infobae. Such a request would create a virtual situation of rupture in the main opposition space amid the advance of CFK.

The head of government will not advance to Bullrich if he is “angry” about the attitude of the former security minister considers the ceasefire to be broken which he had achieved with her last May and which has enabled a peaceful coexistence between the two ever since.

The position of Mauricio Macri

At lunchtime between the speakers of the PRO, Macri has not yet acted as an intermediary between Bullrich and Larreta. “Mauricio believes that Horacio and Patricia are two PRO presidential candidates, that they hold different positions and that they should treat each other with respect.” showed Infobae a leader close to the former president.

And although versions circulated yesterday that spoke of an emergency meeting between Macri, Larreta and the President of the PRO, from the various circles they denied this contact. The protagonists of the conflict that arose after the police operation in front of the Vice President’s building in the Recoleta district of Buenos Aires did not speak to each other either. The faces will be seen this afternoon and it is expected that this will serve to lower the tone of the confrontation. The question is how Macri will take action against them if he does.


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