In a “monster” of the CJNG: lights, touchscreen and luxurious armor

A vehicle with handcrafted armor from Mencho’s armed wing was displayed by assassins from the criminal group

An alleged member of Jalisco cartel of the new generation (CJNG) showed the interior of a monsteras known handcrafted armored vehicles modified to fight against security forces and territorial enemies.

Through a short clip, the suspected member of the criminal group inspected the unit’s body, which was painted with olive green pixels as if they were camouflage used by the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), to the rhythm of a theme alluding to the putative leader of the cell commanding this fleet.

Tower lights can be seen at the top and bottom of the shot, allegedly in a warehouse. the truck guy monster would be of recent transformation, ready to be used by assassins CJNG in the zone of drug war.

According to the clip recorded with a mobile phone, they are in the vehicle Metal seats, from where armed civilians can stand and stick their rifles through the protected holes. The capacity is not distinguished, but at least in this part could accommodate up to a dozen people due to its size.

Then the alleged manufacturer and/or operator of the monster inspected the front where the co-pilot and driver are located. There is one in this area Control panel with different buttons, lights and turn signalsas if it were a small helicopter cabin.

But the new part was in the rearview mirror, where Subject swiped a finger across the touchscreen to view different cameras are located on the back and front of the device. From there, the thickness of the armor and the small windows that barely reveal the view on the sides and front were observed.

Information in development…


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