IDB governors define Mauricio Claver-Carone’s future

Mauricio Claver-Carone (BLomberg)
Mauricio Claver-Carone (BLomberg)

After that, as reported by the agency APdecided the Executive Directors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). recommends the dismissal of Mauricio Claver-Carone now as President of the Washington-based institution The governors of the entity must define the future of the American leader.

The CEOs’ move came after an investigation at the request of the bank’s board of directors found that Claver-Carone had violated internal ethics standards, according to a Claver-Carone report AP.

After disseminating the executive directors’ decision, the agency also reported ReutersClaver-Carone asserted that “It is a shame that the United States spoke to the press before notifying me, and that the Treasury Department does not defend Americans against clearly fabricated information. It is more than satire that China found its way into the IDB during the Obama administration and is now being returned to it on a silver platter by Biden officials, days after the initial malicious anonymous campaign proved unfounded.

The recommendation to remove Claver-Carone came at a closed meeting 14 directors the bank according to the quoted person AP, who insisted not to be named. The final decision to fire Claver-Carone now rests with Treasury officials, who sit on the Board of Governors representing the Bank’s 48 member countries.

Now, according to agency reports ReutersDirectors will begin voting tomorrow on a decision that could do that extend until next Tuesday.

Corresponding APAmong those pushing for Claver-Carone’s ouster is the Biden administration, which has said it is concerned by Claver-Carone’s refusal to fully cooperate with an independent investigation. So the North American leader sued “that the United States made a comment to the press before notifying me.”

“Creation of a climate of fear retaliation between employees and borrowing countries has eroded the trust of bank employees and shareholders and requires a change in leadership‘ said a spokesman for the Treasury Department AP.

That AP received the confidential investigative report from a law firm hired by the bank’s board of directors to investigate an anonymous allegation of misconduct against Claver-Carone

Mauricio Claver-Carone (AFP)
Mauricio Claver-Carone (AFP)

Claver-Carone has disputed the accuracy of the report, denounced the way the review was conducted and gave no indication that he was considering stepping down.

According to the researchers he has denied ever having had a romantic relationship with his right-hand man of all life, now or in the past.

His chief of staff denied the allegations. the anonymous complaint and told investigators that according to the report he had never violated the IDB’s code of ethics. In a brief presented to investigators, he also complained that he had been denied due process.

“Neither I nor any other IDB employee have had an opportunity to review the final investigation report, respond to its findings, or correct any inaccuracies,” Claver-Carone said in a statement Tuesday.

The Inter-American Development Bank is the largest multilateral lender to Latin America, paying up to 23,000 millions of dollars every year to alleviate poverty in the region.

The United States is the Washington-based bank’s largest shareholder, and the election of Claver-Carone to head the IDB in the final months of Donald Trump’s presidency broke with decades of tradition of Latin American leadership at the bank.

Some of the more salacious claims referenced in the report could not be substantiated by Davis Polk of New York. Nevertheless, Davis Polk criticized Claver-Carone and his chief of staff for not fully cooperating with his investigation, calling it a violation of the bank’s policies and policies.

For example, the report states that Claver-Carone did not submit his bank-issued cell phone for analysis, although he did provide a forensic report from a consultant. Claver-Carone also did not share messages from her personal phone or Gmail account with her chief of staff, according to the report.

“Particularly given their lack of cooperation, it would be reasonable to conclude that evidence of a prior relationship and additional circumstantial evidence of a current relationship while both were at the bank constituted a violation of applicable banking policy,” it said. The report.

When confronted with photos of the alleged “contract” during an interview this month, Claver-Carone told investigators he had never seen the document and denied it was his handwriting or signature. She claimed the document was fake and part of a plan by her assistant’s ex-husband to harm her.

In a letter to the bank’s general counsel seen by AP, the chief of staff’s attorneys said her ex-husband had a history of cruelty and revenge, which was brought up in their divorce proceedings. They said evidence he provided to investigators should not be considered credible.

However, two independent handwriting experts, one of whom previously worked for the FBI, concluded that the handwriting on the placemat — shown in the report — matches the Claver-Carone handwriting on the documents with a high probability. According to the report, Claver-Carone declined to submit a sample of her writing as part of the investigation.

(With information from AP)

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