Tyga’s getting a major ‘Taste’ of success again – How His Success Makes It Worse


Tyga’s getting a major ‘Taste’ of success again! Fans are loving his latest hits like ‘Dip’, but there’s a downside to all the attention because it’s making him miss Kylie Jenner. Here’s why!

Tyga, 28, and Kylie Jenner, 21, split up in 2017 after nearly 3 years together. As everyone knows, she’s completely moved on with Travis Scott, 26, and their daughter Stormi. Tyga, on the other hand, is still single AF and a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that yes, he does still miss his famous ex. Shockingly, now that his career is flying high again — after his album Kyoto didn’t exactly perform — he’s actually got her on his mind even more.

“Tyga has never felt better than he does right now, he’s back to topping the charts after having his last album do so badly so the success has never tasted sweeter. He went from the top of the world when he was banging out hits and living the life with Kylie to feeling like rock bottom, but now he’s fully back up again. The only thing that would make it all perfect is if he had a woman to share it with. In some ways this is reminding him of the good old days and that makes him miss Kylie.” We’re not that surprised Tyga regrets his mistakes with Kylie. And let’s be honest, he really should have some regrets — after all, he did admit she caught him cheating. Big mistake Tyga. Huge.

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Fortunately, Tyga isn’t planning to compound his mistakes. Our source reveals that he’s got no plans to try and chase Kylie now that she’s all boo’ed up with Travis. “He’s not planning to try and make any kind of move on her, he respects that she’s got a new life now and has moved on,” our source said. Definitely the right move, Tyga.


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