Exodus Expresses Regret For Becoming An Alcoholic!

Exodus Expresses Regret For Becoming An Alcoholic!

In one of the latest kinds of controversy, the famous singer George Timothy, aka Exodus, has been in the position to confess all the crimes he has committed so far. He has begged forgiveness from all his fans for becoming an alcoholic to find peace during the toughest time of his life. 

Exodus Expresses Regret For Becoming An Alcoholic! And Asks For Forgiveness And Fresh Start

In addition to apologizing, he also wants a new and fresh start; with the help, he can lead his life much better. He wants to leave every memory of the past behind to build a better tomorrow so that he also becomes a person who is remembered with good memories by his fans and not with anything bad. 

Exodus Expresses Regret For Becoming An Alcoholic!


It was in the recent interview that he was able to express all his emotions. He has come to attend a concert at Hotel Africana, and there he found some media people. Got emotional in front of them and broke down into tears explaining how he decided to do everything wrong in his life. Hence, all those decisions have deteriorated him in the worst possible manner, and he wants to get out of this as soon as possible. 

He also acknowledged that after opting out of Christianity, his life had never been the same. Everything has been Topsy Turvey, and nothing is in place. It is also important to mention that after leaving Christianity, he has technically left the right path of his life, and now he wants to return to this right path again.


The reason why all of this happened was that he became very lonely and depressed in his life. He had been in the position to face a lot of ups and downs. He was not even financially well off, and all these activities turned against him to make him take the worst life decisions. It is important to mention that this is one of the most important reasons why he became an alcoholic.

This was not only a habit but a kind of addiction that had taken upon his will to the greatest possible extent. In such a situation, it becomes extremely important to mention that after becoming an alcoholic and a drug addict, he did every kind of activity that could hurt his reputation. 

He not only misbehaved with the fans but also tried to hurt the sentiments of different types of communities with the help of statements given in different interviews. But now, since it has been too late for all of this, he wants to apologize for every kind of misbehavior and misconduct he has undertaken to make the people feel little and low.

 He wants to return to the right path as soon as possible to lead his life in the best way that will take him to the development of a higher self. This is one of the most important attributes of his personality, which has made him famous to the next level over time.

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