Drug blockades in Zacatecas occurred due to arrests of members of criminal organizations: federal government

The authorities deployed a powerful operation at the site of the road blockade.  (Photo: Facebook/General Adolfo Marín Marín)
The authorities deployed a powerful operation at the site of the road blockade. (Photo: Facebook/General Adolfo Marín Marín)

Following the reported violence in Zacatecas over the weekend, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) assures that these have arisen for collisions on the Fresnillo-Jerez highway Come in antagonistic groups among the most important ones operating in the region.

“There are two criminal groups facing each other, there have been these confrontations, and the practice of setting vehicles on fire when suspected criminals are arrested has been around for some time, but we will continue,” he stopped.

After asking him if the arrests that caused the violence and drug blockades in the region were made by members of the New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG) or the Sinaloa Cartel, The President made it clear: “They come from antagonistic groups of these two organizations.”

It should be remembered that last weekend the citizens of Zacatecas, and Fresnillo in particular, once again witnessed a scene of violence in the region.

Namely on Sunday, August 28, after 7:00 p.m Speaker of the State Peacebuilding Table recorded the fire in the cab of a two-articulated lorry in the municipality of Zacatecas.

Also, security forces received reports of a large number of metal stars, commonly known as “flat tires.”

The riots are over State Road 45, near Rancho Grande. Based on the warning, elements of various companies from the three levels of government conducted an operation to deal with the situation.

The situation escalated in its impact on citizenship as various educational institutions decided to suspend the return to classes due to the drug blockades and riots registered on August 27th and 28th what for monday the 29th

After the events were reported through video on August 29, suspected members of the Jalisco cartel of the new generation distanced themselves from the events and named officials as responsible, whom they believed to be collaborating with “people from May “, that is, from Sinaloa cartel.

It should be noted that one of the men on camera implied that in the video Veronica DiazState Delegate for Development Programs She is one of the officers related to the criminals.. Likewise mentions the names of other officials and former officials such as Osvaldo Cedillo, Arturo López Bazán and Secretary of Public Security Adolfo Marín Marín.

“Mr. Governor, watch out for the public servants who support these toll collectors, home collectors and kidnappers who have killed innocent people, women and children. Sincerely, who supports citizenship. We’re gonna take care of this whole Scourgeball. Pure CJNG,” is heard from one of the four characters featured in the video.

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