Celebrity Babies In First Halloween Costumes 2018 — See Cute Pics


There’s a first time for everything — cute costumes included! Tiny tykes like Stormi Webster and True Thompson made their Halloween debuts this year and couldn’t have been more adorable if they tried. Take a look!

This is the beginning of a beautiful tradition! So many celebrity babies were born this year — and you know what that means! There are tons of tykes celebrating their vey first Halloween. And with an important milestone like that, it’s no wonder that parents went all out with their little ones’ costumes.

Only the best for their first October, right? Kylie Jenner, 21, made it clear that that was the case when she dressed her eight-month-old Stormi Webster in not one, but two costumes before Halloween even hit! That’s right, they celebrated early with matching mother/daughter outfits.

Can you pick a favorite between the two cute looks? The first of Kylie and Stormi’s identical ensembles was a black and white skeleton onesie. The new mom shared a picture of her and her daughter in their spooky costumes, adding that she and Stormi were having a girls’ Halloween dinner. Too cute!

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Then on Oct. 29, Kylie revealed their next set of matching outfits on social media. While the reality star made for a sexy pink butterfly in pink latex and massive wings, she tamed down her daughter’s look by putting the little one in a teeny pink outfit with much smaller wings. They really slayed Halloween this year, and we hope they keep it up with the matching outfits!

What better way to introduce a baby to Halloween than with coordinating costumes?

Khloe Kardashian, 34, took a slightly different approach when she chose to match True Thompson‘s costume to a pumpkin patch instead of herself! The six-month-old sat next to pumpkins for a pic while wearing an identical outfit, blending right in. Aw!

If you think those three costumes sound cute, don’t miss the gallery above! So many celebrity kids made the most of their first Halloween.


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