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Blue Lock Chapter 169: Super Entertainment, Streaming Soon!! Release Date?

Blue Lock is a Japanese manga authored and presented by Muneyuki Kaneshiro that has been published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine since August 2018. When the Japanese national soccer team was eliminated in the World Cup quarterfinals, the Japan Football Association hired a mystical man named Ego Jinpachi to optimize Japan’s World Cup efficiency. He undertakes the mission and starts the training in the Blue Lock facility.

Blue Lock Chapter 169 Release Date!

He comes up with the notion that hardcore and brutal training will be given to 300 players under-18, and the one who will beat all the others will be the ultimate champion. In this manga, you will find that the players enhance their skills and compete with one another. This is because only one player will be chosen to be Japan’s upcoming national striker—the 299 losers will not be allowed to play for Japan’s national football team. 

What Happened in the Previous Episode

After scoring the goal in the 168th chapter of Blue Lock, Lavinho questioned Isagi about why he moved the ball to him. He stated that he had no purpose of owing him this favor. Isagi stated that neither of them might have managed to score a goal independently. Bachira approached them and stated that the goal was phenomenal. He expressed his excitement at the prospect of playing with him at the same phase as a striker. Kaiser, Ness, and Noel approached him one at a time to express their joy at the triumph.

Then, out of nowhere, the figure of Ego emerged. As he sipped his champagne, he complimented the players on an outstanding demonstration of strength and skill. Later, he disclosed that these players would be selected for the team through auction. It was going to be the players’ annual remuneration. Yoichi Isagi became the best player as he had a winning bid of 17,000,000 Yen which was the highest among all the players.

Blue Lock Chapter 169: Super Entertainment Streaming! Release Date

 Once all of the matches are completed, Ego will show up and describe the original intent of these matches to the players. The Blue Lock Bidding will begin in the upcoming episode. Ego will disclose the highest and lowest bids of the entire player. Isagi will get more choices to discover because he has the winning bid.

After learning that he has won the winning offer, numerous players will compete for Isagi’s spot on the team. As a result, Yoichi must be extra cautious in the upcoming games. So, on April 6, 2022, Blue Lock Chapter 169 will be released. As a result, all manga episodes will be accessible on Kodansha’s official website. 


We hope that you like the information we have provided about Blue Lock. This manga is full of thrill and sports experiences where there is no team and no friendship. All the players are playing for themselves; they have only one goal, that is, to be at the top position for the sake of their sporting career and to refrain from being banned.

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