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Chosen Becky’s Plastic Bum Surgery Experiences

Is plastic surgery something you are interested in? Becky provides an expert opinion on the most effective methods and techniques to get your desired appearance.

Becky Shares Her Experiences Wearing A Plastic Bum

She has undergone dozens of plastic surgery procedures and has learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. This blog post offers her advice and experiences on the best ways to achieve Plastic Surgery results that you’ll love!

“I once displaced myself, and someone told me to fix it. The funny thing is, it worked out fine. I could adjust my clothing and move around without worrying about my Bum hanging out.

What Is A Plastic Bum?

A plastic bum is an artificial buttock prosthesis worn by a woman. Silicone is used to create a real buttock. It’s made to be attached to a surgical belt, which helps move it realistically when worn. We can also use it with certain kinds of clothing or swimsuits.

A plastic “bum” is an artificial derriere added to a person’s clothes so that the person appears to have an attractive and rounded backside. A plastic bum is a wise option in women’s fashion. We estimate billions are sold each year.

A plastic bum is a convenient way of building up your bottom, making it bigger and fuller. It is accessible to liposuction your hips, thighs, and buttocks.

The procedure removes excess fat from unwanted areas of the body with micro-cannulas, which are small tubes that suck out the waste extender fat that has been deposited over time.

I’m Becky, and I work for Chosen. I often wear a plastic bum on my head as it’s straightforward to fix onto the top of my face and hold it there by a small strap connected to two ear muffs.

This allows me to move into whatever I am working on. However, it was once that I left the belt hanging down around my neck because I had once displaced the plastic Bum, and someone instructed me to fix it.

Unfortunately, it took so long that no one noticed how long it took except for one man who said he’d been waiting there for an hour while everyone else thought I was in the toilet but really, I was trying to fix this Bum as it kept slipping off my face while trying not to let go of another bum that was still attached to my shoulder!

Plastic Bum makes it easy to go everywhere you want with confidence, comfort, and security. It has a unique 5-point harness system that keeps the product in place while worn and a back support panel to help you stand upright.


Chosen Becky Shares Her Experience Wearing A Plastic Bum: It once displaced itself, and someone told me to fix it. Chosen Becky has worn a plastic bum for two years now and has nothing but good to say about it.

She discusses the pros and cons of wearing a malleable bum and its positive impact on her life. She also provides valuable advice to anyone considering wearing a plastic bum, especially if they have self-esteem issues.


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