Atl. de San Luis was easily outplayed and lost 4-1 to Santos Laguna

On Day 11 of the Mexico – Liga MX – Apertura 2022 tournament, the Guerreros strained their locality, beating the Rojiblancos with a great category. The goals of the game for the local team were scored by Eduardo Aguirre (7′ 1T, penalty kick), Leonardo Suárez (3′ 2T), Javier Correa (18′ 2T) and José Lozano (32′ 2T). While the away goal was scored by Rubens Sambueza (45′ 2T).

Javier Correa was the character of the game. The Santos Laguna forward scored 1 goal and completed 4 goals.

Harold Preciado was also important. The Santos Laguna forward completed the opponent’s goal 6 times.

The game was notable for its intensity and fouls committed during the match. 2 cautioned: Juan Francisco Brunetta and Abel Hernández.

Santos technical director Eduardo Fentanes suggested a 4-4-2 strategy with Carlos Acevedo in goal; Carlos Orrantia, Félix Torres, Hugo Rodríguez and Omar Campos on the defensive line; Leonardo Suárez, Alan Cervantes, Aldo López and Juan Francisco Brunetta in the middle; and Harold Preciado and Eduardo Aguirre in attack.

Those led by André Soares Jardine, in turn, stopped with a 4-5-1 scheme with Marcelo Barovero under the three sticks; Ricardo Chávez, Luis Fernando León, Rodrigo González and Aldo Cruz in defence; Juan Manuel Sanabria, Javier Güémez, Vitinho, Facundo Waller and Jhon Murillo in midfield; and Abel Hernández at the helm.

The referee selected for the match at Corona Stadium was Fernando Guerrero Ramírez.

The Warriors will receive Pachuca the next day. Likewise, the Rojiblancos play Tijuana at home.

After the game, the home team is in second place with 22 points. While Visit has 14 units and is tenth in the tournament.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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