Theo and Kc

Are Theo And Kc Still Together?

Theo Campbell was a Love Island contestant and a War of the Worlds runner-up. He was also a participant in the Second War of the Worlds.
KC, whose real name is Kazimir Crossley, became an instant phenomenon after he appeared on the third season of Love Island. BBC Sounds podcast ‘Slide Into My Podcast’ co-hosts Snoochie Shy and Jordan Hames, KC Headgear company KazBands and apparel store Boohoo have both employed the services of KazBands’ founder KC.

Theo and Kc

Her fitness clothes company is called KAZ x FIT. They want to know if Theo and KC are still together and where they’ve ended up in the meanwhile. Is Theo still seeing KC? So far, that’s all they’ve learned.

Theo And KC’s Love Island Relationship Is Still Going Strong

KC and Theo Campbell will no longer be together in 2022. Because of this, they’ve separated and are no longer affiliated. Why did KC suddenly alter her mind about Theo following their breakup in February 2020? Theo is curious about this.

The teaser clip shows Theo informing the camera that he is “looking for answers” following KC’s separation from him in 2020. If you’d like to find out if Theo and KC are still together, please continue reading.

It Appears That Love Island’s Theo Campbell And Kaz Crossley Have Broken Up

They and Kaz broke up because she changed her mind overnight; they want to know why, according to Theo in one of the videos. My curiosity would be piqued. Because of this, he proceeded to speak further.

After their separation on the ITV2 show, Theo had a fantasy that KC would change her mind and come back to him. After meeting on Love Island, Theo and KC decided to be married in March.

“They don’t want to say too much, but they were going to say, people and love these days, it’s complex,” he had previously said. They felt underappreciated while working with us, despite the fact that they gave it they’re all. “It’s a touch crazy right now.”

he remarked. “They don’t know what to call it.” Is there a better way to convey this? This puzzle’s been solved.

‘Girls are hard to cope with,’ says the narrator. Until they started dating Kaz, they hadn’t been in a relationship for five years.

Aren’t you dealing with folks that are too unstable?

There are so many of them! They have no desire to meet anyone. None of them will ever be the girlfriend even if they are close pals.”

If you ask them how it feels to meet someone with millions of followers and be instantly recognized, most of them would say, “It’s a lot of pressure for people to manage,” especially women. A regular connection and the other side might be challenging to manage.


Theo Campbell became a father for the first time in 2021 when he announced the birth of his first child, a boy named Theo Campbell. The joy of being a parent overtook him as he told me the news.

A London-born make-up artist, KC has worked with artists such as Maya Jama and Stormzy in the music industry to create stunning looks.

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