Allan Hendrick Assaults King Saha In “Matayo” And Defends His Father

Allan Hendrick Assaults King Saha In "Matayo" And Defends His Father

It is important to mention that it has been for a long period now that King Saha and Bebe cool have been responsible for undertaking a kind of verbal exchange and even attacking each other like anything without even having any degree of respect for Each Other.

Allan Hendrick Has No Words For King Saha

This kind of verbal dispute started between the two parties when Cool advised King Saha to smoke weed.

Allan Hendrick Assaults King Saha In Matayo And Defends His Father

 But instead of understanding that person’s intentions, King Saha decided to take the matter personally and resorted to attacking the actor personally over every chance he used to get.

This is one of the most important reasons why the dispute between the two parties doesn’t seem to be ending at any point because a lot of things have happened between them which have complicated the matters for the worst.


Recently, King Saha even developed a new song called Zakayo. It is important to mention that this kind of song was responsible for attacking the famous personality cool again because he was deaf.

This is not only demeaning but also defaming for a person in the first place to tolerate. It is important to understand the gravity behind all these kinds of marks. 

What is more relevant is to mark that this is not the first time that all of this is happening. Many times, King Saha has insulted cool, and King Saha does not feel anything wrong about it.

Allan Hendrick Has No Words For King Saha

This will complicate the matter’s move because a single piece of advice has been interpreted to be in a bad state by King Saha, and this must not be the force of action that can so far. 


But to come back against King Saha has not been cool, but his son is now responsible for dropping yet another song, Matayo.

Allen Hendrick is this son of Cool, and he has now come forward with a new plan with the help of which he would be able to take revenge against all the insults that his father had to undergo at the instance of King Saha.

It is important to mention that this kind of song is technically the version of the song produced by King Saha to insult cool. 

To do the same, Allen was in the position to Photoshop  King Saha’s photographs by placing his face with that of a monkey in the art book of the new release.

This has been one of the biggest kinds of insults that he has been in the position to offer to king Saha as a response to every kind of insult that his father had to experience. 

His father cool has been in the position to release the statement that this kind of event is nothing but now a small prank on behalf of his son, and nothing must be taken seriously in the first place.

He has been trying to depend on the actions again and again so that no action is taken against him. But Allen is not at all apologetic for whatever he did, and he takes tried in stating that his Revenge has been fulfilled

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